Stage-Two: Medium Efficiency Filter’s medium efficiency filters (MEF) are constructed of two layers of polyester material.    The two-pocket design dramatically increases the filter's surface area as compared to a ring panel filter of similar dimensions.  This added surface area improves the airflow and extends the service life of the filter, resulting in fewer change-outs.  The filter media is sealed around a wire frame creating an “overlap” around the perimeter of the filter to create a self-sealing gasket to eliminate air bypass.

The construction and design of the MEF filter is optimized for use as a stage-two prefilter in’s NESHAP 319 filter configuration.

Comparable to stage-two medium efficiency filters manufactured by Air Flow Technology (CC100), A.J. Dralle (CG100), ATI (OSM-200), Flanders (225T / 325T Cube), Koch Filter (SprayStop) and Tri-Dim (Tri-Cube).

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20" x 20" x 15" MEF-202015P2-5 5   $42.95
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20" x 25" x 15" MEF-202515P2-5 5   $55.95
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24" x 24" x 15" MEF-242415P2-5 5   $62.95
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Their XD fiberglass arrestors 20x20 pads perform just like the ones I've been purchasing from my distributor all these years -- but with about a 40% savings. Thanks for improving my results!
John Sandmetz
(Body by Red Power)

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