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Prefilter products are designed to optimize efficiency and extend the life of more costly final stage filtration products

  • Provides low initial pressure drop and superior dust holding to protect and extend the service life of more expensive final stage filters.
  • One inch polyester media with a nylon scrim backing for extra strength and durability to extend the service life of costly final-stage filters.
  • Available in various configurations to meet each spray booth's unique specifications.
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Width x Length Part Number Case Qty Price More Details Click to Buy!
10" x 10" x 40" ME-3450-12 12   $149.50   Choose # cases
24" x 24" ME-3270-10 10   $229.95   Choose # cases
24" x 60" ME-3090-1 1   $29.95   Choose # cases
24" x 60" ME-3030-2 2   $55.00   Choose # cases
30" x 60" ME-3240-1 1   $32.50   Choose # cases
30" x 60" ME-3140-2 2   $59.95   Choose # cases
31" x 60" ME-3290-2 2   $72.50   Choose # cases
36" x 45" ME-3390-8 8   $129.95   Choose # cases
41" x 60" ME-3320-2 2   $69.95   Choose # cases
46" x 60" ME-3250-2 2   $79.95   Choose # cases

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We need specialized NESHAP tested filters in our painting operations. As purchasing agent, we've never been able to find a supplier (until BoothFilterStore) that could provide us with NESHAP approved filters at a reasonable price. Thanks for savings us on our last filter purchase in 2014. We'll be using you folks for our first purchase in 2015!
Kate Diaz
(Aero Refinishing)

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