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Purchasing high quality filters that fit correctly is critical to ensure that you get defect free performance out of your spray booth and related equipment. We believe that as a distributor of spray booth filters, our job is to give you the tools to select the right filters as quickly and easily as possible.

To accomplish this goal, we have developed a listing of prep station brands and models indicating their respective filter requirements. Please click on the name of your prep station manufacturer and the suggested filter configurations by model will appear on a separate, printable page. To purchase a filter, simple enter the product number (including all letters, numbers and dashes) into the search feature on the top left of our home page and you will then be able to make your purchase.

Please note that while has done extensive research to make our application guide as accurate as possible, it is still only a guide. Prep station manufacturers frequently make small adjustments to their standard configurations, typically to allow for ease of installation. This can cause slight variations in filter sizes. We recommend that you physically measure each filter and/or holding frame to ensure an accurate fit (See FAQ). Remember, should you not see the filter dimensions you require listed on, please contact us and we can assist you directly. Through our integrated technology, we can work with our manufacturers to quickly custom cut your filters to make sure you have exactly what you need, all at a highly competitive price. And once you've purchased with, you'll never need to measure again as we will retain your prep station information to assist you in future orders.

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Nice website, easy ordering. Saved me a good amount over what I was paying to my local distributor. In this economy, every dollar saved is important.
Kevin Connley
(Connley Woodworking)

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