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  • Pocket filters, also commonly referred to as bag filters, are primarily used to clean air as it enters and passes through a paint booth’s air make-up unit. The air make-up unit pushes pressurized air into a paint booth’s plenum which is then passed through ceiling filters and into the painting chamber. By purifying the air in the make-up unit, the air that reaches your down draft ceiling filters is less contaminated; meaning the service life of your down draft ceiling filters will be extended. And because down draft ceiling filters are typically the most expensive filter in a paint booth, significant operational savings can be achieved.

  • All of our pocket filters are stated in nominal dimensions, not exact dimensions, which is common industry practice. Pocket filters are placed into a holding frame, usually via a metal track. To allow for easy insertion and removal, pocket filters are typically constructed 0.5” inches smaller than their holding frame. For example, a pocket filter with an actual width and height of 19.5” x 19.5” is referred to as 20” x 20” filter because the holding frame into which the filter is inserted measures 20” x 20”. Or put another way, add between approximately 1/2” to 11/16” to the actual measurement of your pocket filter to determine its nominal dimension.
            High Efficiency Prefilter                Medium Efficiency Prefilter
  • High efficiency extended surface pocket prefilter provides low initial pressure drop and superior dust holding capacity to protect and extend the service life of more expensive downdraft ceiling filters
  • Constructed with 100% non-shedding synthetic micro fiber using two polypropylene spun bond nonwoven layers and one layer of melt blown synthetic micro fibers
  • Uniformly shaped pockets properly direct air flow and are sewn with a double lock stitch design with a sealant applied over stitch lines
  • Assembled with a non-corrosive, galvanized frame


  • Medium efficiency extended surface prefilter ideal for a wide variety of operating environments and prefiltering needs
  • Polyester media with a nylon scrim backing constructed with an over cut of media to eliminate air by-pass
  • Designed to protect and extend the service life of more expensive downdraft ceiling filters
  • Galvanized internal wire with steel frame / header (as applicable)

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My third purchase over two years. Forgot what I ordered last time and these guys quickly helped me with my reorder. Prices remain the best.
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