Extraction Pads

  • Provides low initial pressure drop and superior dust holding for extended service life.
  • One inch polyester media with a nylon scrim backing for extra strength and durability.
  • Excellent Alternative to paper exhaust filters due to resistance to moisture.
  • Available in various configurations to meet each spray booth’s unique specifications.

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Width x Length Part Number Case Qty Price More Details Click to Buy!
18" x 48" ME-3110-6 6   $29.95   Choose # cases
21.5" x 47.5" ME-3170-6 6   $39.95   Choose # cases
24" x 48" ME-3060-6 6   $39.95   Choose # cases
36" x 36" ME-3040-4 4   $29.95   Choose # cases
40" x 40" ME-3050-4 4   $29.95   Choose # cases
40" x 48" ME-3080-2 2   $39.95   Choose # cases
47.5" x 52" ME-3160-3 3   $34.95   Choose # cases

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Our shop uses basic 20x20 intakes and exhausts. Normally we go through our local jobber, but my son suggested looking online. The prices at BoothFilterStore were 25% less than we normally paid (including delivery!). Filters performed excellent and we have purchased twice since then.
Michael Rivera
(Mike’s Collision & Repair)

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