Two-Ply (Dry Tack) Prefilter Panels

  • Able to handle a wide variety of environments and yet still maintain a long service life to lower operating costs
  • Two-ply 100% 6/15 denier polyester construction

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20" x 20" P2D-2020-20 20   $79.99   Choose # cases
20" x 25" P2D-2025-16 16   $89.99   Choose # cases
20" x 48" P2D-2048-8 8   $75.00   Choose # cases

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I was tired of paying so much for prefilters, so turned to Bing. BoothFilterStore had what I needed and the price was 25% less than what I was previously paying.

Our purchasing department sends its thanks!
Ed Moran
(Power Lift Systems)

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