Downdraft Ceiling Filters

DS-560 Cut Pads   DS-560 Panel Filters
  • Comparable to products manufactured by: Air Filtration Co. (Laminar III Series); Air Flow Technology (FF-560 GX); Chemco (FF-560 GX); Koch Filter (KDF 600); Viledon (PA 560 G-10); Viskon-Aire (T-700/G)
  • Constructed from high performance, non-breakable synthetic fibers using a layering manufacturing process to produce a progressive density filter media, resulting in high depth loading and dust holding capacity with limited pressure drop for optimal performance
  • Thermally bonded filter media, incorporating a non-migrating tackifier applied to each interlocking synthetic fiber to prevent media break-off and retain paint damaging particles
  • Air exiting side is reinforced with a high temperature resistant and supporting woven open-mesh scrim
  • Extensive testing to ensure fiber design prevents 99%+ of paint damaging particles (contaminants larger than 7-10 microns) from migrating through the spray booth filter due to variable air flow and/or system vibration
  • Available in blankets (pads) or panels (media thermally sealed around internal wire frame with wire support struts)

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Best price on the internet for paint arrestors. Absolutely buy from these guys.
Robert Collins
(American Woodworking)

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