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At, we have over 600 different down draft cut ceiling pads of various widths, lengths and case sizes to fit almost all paint spray booths in operation today. However, the two key words in the last sentence are “almost all”. We understand that at times paint booths are modified to reflect the unique needs of a business. As such, we give our customers the ability to order custom cut filters. Simply specify the width, length and number of filters required and will cut, package and send them directly to you.

How to I determine the price of custom cut down draft ceiling pads?

Multiple the width of the filter in inches (“W”) by the length of the filter in inches (“L”) by the number of filters required (“NF”) and divide the resulting number by 144 to determine the number of square feet (SqFt) of filter media required. Now multiple the square feet of media by $1.55. Shipping per custom cut order is $69.95. Below is the pricing formula followed by an example, but do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

(W x L x NF) / 144 = SqFT of Media
(SqFT of Media x $1.55) + $69.95 = Custom Cut Filter Price

For example, if you need three (7) filters that each measure 39” x 83.5”, multiple 39 x 83.5 x 7 which equals 22,796. Then 22,796 divide by 144, which results in 158.3 square feet of filter media. Finally, multiple 158.3 by $1.55 which equals $245.37 and add $69.95. The cost of you custom cut filters is $315.32.

How do I order custom cut down draft ceiling pads?

Simply submit your information to via our Contact Us page or click here. We will confirm the price and obtain the additional information necessary to process your order. All DS-560 down draft ceiling pads are processed and shipped with 24 to 48 hours of placing an order with

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Custom Cut DS-9999-SFT Sq Ft   $1.55   Choose # cases

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Amazing customer service. My contact us inquiry was answered that same day so I placed the order and my package was shipped within 24 hours. Definitely will purchase again!
Andy Roberts
(WoodWorking of South Carolina)

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