Cross Draft Panel Filters

ZR-1    Series 65 

High Performance Intake Panel Filter


Enhanced Dry Tack Intake Panel Filter

  • Ideal combination of maximum efficiency, high dust holding capacity and low resistance to airflow
  • Progressive density synthetic media on air entering side for superior pre-filtering of air coming into your paint booth
  • Air exiting side media impregnated throughout with special adhesive tackifier to hold paint damaging particles and eliminate fiber break-off
  • Two layer, low resistance spray booth filter, providing appropriate balance between performance and cost
  • White synthetic layered media on air entering side
  • Green synthetic heavy duty tackified media on air exiting side

Our Paint Booth Air Filters Mean Clean Incoming Air for Your Booth !

All intake panel filters are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards
  • Thermally sealed around internal wire frame
  • Two wire support struts add strength and prevent filter fluttering
  • Over-cut of media creates self-sealing gasket to eliminate air bypass
  • Unaffected by mold and humidity and environmentally friendly


Comparable to products manufactured by:

  • Air Filtration Co. (5000 Series)
  • Air Flow Technology (AFR-1)
  • Chemco (AFR-1)
  • Koch Filter (KR-1)
  • Viledon (R-1)
  • Viskon-Aire(VR-1)



Series 65

Comparable to products manufactured by:

  • Air Filtration Co. (Custom Tacky Series and 300 Series)
  • Air Flow Technology (Series 55 and Series 65)
  • Chemco(Series 65)
  • Koch Filter (Maxi-Grid MG200 and MG300)
  • Viledon (Series A)
  • Viskon-Aire (Series 45)


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Did some comparing, and when you consider price plus shipping, you were the best. Thanks for the prompt response to my email questions. Delivery was very quick.
Jason Bell
(Fisher Frame & Body)

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