Cross Draft Panel Filters

ZR-1    Series 65 

High Performance Intake Panel Filter


Enhanced Dry Tack Intake Panel Filter

  • Ideal combination of maximum efficiency, high dust holding capacity and low resistance to airflow
  • Progressive density synthetic media on air entering side for superior pre-filtering of air coming into your paint booth
  • Air exiting side media impregnated throughout with special adhesive tackifier to hold paint damaging particles and eliminate fiber break-off
  • Two layer, low resistance spray booth filter, providing appropriate balance between performance and cost
  • White synthetic layered media on air entering side
  • Green synthetic heavy duty tackified media on air exiting side

Our Paint Booth Air Filters Mean Clean Incoming Air for Your Booth !

All intake panel filters are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards
  • Thermally sealed around internal wire frame
  • Two wire support struts add strength and prevent filter fluttering
  • Over-cut of media creates self-sealing gasket to eliminate air bypass
  • Unaffected by mold and humidity and environmentally friendly


Comparable to products manufactured by:

  • Air Filtration Co. (5000 Series)
  • Air Flow Technology (AFR-1)
  • Chemco (AFR-1)
  • Koch Filter (KR-1)
  • Viledon (R-1)
  • Viskon-Aire(VR-1)



Series 65

Comparable to products manufactured by:

  • Air Filtration Co. (Custom Tacky Series and 300 Series)
  • Air Flow Technology (Series 55 and Series 65)
  • Chemco(Series 65)
  • Koch Filter (Maxi-Grid MG200 and MG300)
  • Viledon (Series A)
  • Viskon-Aire (Series 45)


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Nice website, easy ordering. Saved me a good amount over what I was paying to my local distributor. In this economy, every dollar saved is important.
Kevin Connley
(Connley Woodworking)

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