DS-560 — The Premier Down Draft Ceiling Diffusion Media

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Sep 062012

BoothFilterStore.com’s DS-560 media is the ultimate product for paint spray booth final filtration.  It is a filter developed specifically to protect painted surfaces utilizing the most advanced technology in the filtration industry.

The DS-560 is a product which can be used in almost every application in the industrial painting industry.  The DS-560 is designed to be the final filtration level for Footnote booth air as it passes through to the painting chamber.  With modern painting techniques and clear-coat finishes, even the smallest of dirt particles can ruin a paint finish.  Particles of 10 microns or larger result in paint defects visible to the naked eye, so it is critical that the last barrier between your airflow and the painted service be designed to eliminate these paint damaging particles.  In addition to its filtration properties, the DS-560 serves as a diffusion filter to evenly spread air flow over the entire booth.

BoothFilterStore.com’s DS-560 media is produced from a combination of materials that provide the finest in air filtration media available in the finishing industry.  The media is formed from a progressively structured synthetic fleece.  Each fiber is coated with a technologically advanced adhesive, which causes the retention of dirt particles.  The media is progressively denser from the air entering to the air exiting side to allow for maximum depth loading.  The air leaving side is treated with a reinforced scrim net backing that not only creates rigidity but also serves as a final protective barrier.  It is this barrier that also ensures any loose or broken fibers within the filter do not migrate into the paint chamber.

Contact us for a sample piece of this leading filter media and compare to what you are currently using.  We are confident we meet or exceed your current down draft filter construction.

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May 252011

For a down draft spray booth, ceiling filters come in a wide variety of sizes, depending upon the make and model of your spray booth.

BoothFilterStore.com provides suggested filter configurations under “Filters by Booth Manufacturer”. We also recommend that you release your existing ceiling filter from its holding frame so as to obtain an accurate measurement. Remember, it is always better to have over measured than to have under measured (i.e., more width and length). Ceiling filters in panel form come with an internal wire frame; ceiling filters in blankets / pads are rolled into existing spray booth holding frames.

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