Sep 192012

When it comes to codes and permits, requirements invariably will depend on where you are located – your jurisdiction (city, county and/or state).

Local governments usually select one of the following as their primary reference for paint booth requirements.

NFPA 33: Standard for Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Materials (National Fire Protection Association)

  • The most common code applying to paint booths
  • Defines how a spray booth is designed and constructed, airflow requirements and fire protection

IFC (International Fire Code)

  • Shorter and slightly modified version of NFPA 33
  • Commonly used in areas of international trade zones

IBC (International Building Code)

  • Similar to IFC code
  • Rarely used at this time

OSHA 29 – Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

  • Each state has OSHA or NIOSH laws and codes that cover worker safety, many of which reinstate the federal codes
  • The chapters about spray booths often follow NFPA 33, but NFPA 33 is usually revised before the federal OSHA code
  • The emphasis of this code is on worker safety, so there are more detailed requirements about ventilation
  • Every spray booth constructed in the US that is used in a workplace environment must comply with local OSHA codes
  • Spray booths are certified by the current NFPA, IFC or IBC code only when they are constructed, but must always comply with OSHA requirements.
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