24" x 24" MD-18F (Medium Density Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads)

MD-18F Paint Arrestor

40 CFR Part 63 (HHHHHH) Compliant

24" x 24" MD-18F (Medium Density Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Pads)
Usually Ships: 24 to 48 Hours!
Width x Length x Depth (if app): 24" x 24" x 2.5"
Case Quantity: 50 Pads
Our price: $48.25
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Our MD-18F is an excellent all-around fiberglass paint arrestor, balancing service life with paint holding capacity.
  • Incorporates progressive density construction from front to back to decrease face loading and increase holding capacity, lengthening the interval between changes.
  • 99.5% efficiency rating.
  • Available in pads or rolls!

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Needed those basic fiberglass arrestors and you guys offered not only a great price, but reasonable shipping. Shipping turnaround in 24 hours, so I had them by the end of the week. Thanks so much
Kevin West
(West Woodworking, LLC)

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